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Professional Edmonton Bookkeeper

Karen Hawkins

Professional Bookkeeper

An accounting class in high school revealed Karen Hawkins’ passion for numbers. “My favorite number is zero,” says Karen, “because that means my work balances!”

In the early days of her working life, Karen began to take on larger roles in growing companies that included bookkeeping and accounting activities. She is quick to honor the teachers and mentors who guided and supported her throughout her bookkeeping career. “That School of Life gave me plenty of hands-on experience. My mentors, who also had a passion for numbers, eagerly passed on their knowledge.”

Karen is grateful to her parents for her strong work ethic. She never gives up, and works diligently until the file is done. “Not only do I love my work, I love going to work each day.” The teamwork and support she finds at Preferred Client Services makes those days even better. When she has an opportunity to teach clients what she knows, it provides a great sense of accomplishment.

An avid gardener, Karen enjoys planting vegetables and tending to her plants and flowers. She also loves camping and a variety of outdoor activities including skating, swimming, and biking. Her four-legged friend, Autumn – a golden retriever - is always eager for a walk.

Her urge to travel is satisfied with weekend trips in Canada and vacation trips to new countries. So far, she has been to Iceland, Mexico, and Cambodia – you can bet there are more trips on Karen’s bucket list.