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Valeria Bacinschi

Valeria Bacinschi

Professional Bookkeeper

As a child in Moldova, Valeria Bacinschi first learned about numbers and balance sheets from her mother and her sister, who were both accountants. Because she liked math in school, it just seemed natural for Valeria to pursue a Bachelors Degree in accounting. While working for a transportation company as a bookkeeper, she earned her Master’s Degree in 2014 in Romania, two years before she and her husband came to Canada.

When asked what prompted them to move here, Valeria said, “My husband wanted a better life for us and he also wanted a challenge.” Once here in August 2016, she promptly enrolled in NAIT’s Office Accounting Systems Certificate while looking for work.

Valeria gets excited about the new things she learns every day at Preferred Client Services. “I’m a fast learner with an analytical mindset. I get a great deal of satisfaction when I’m able to solve a challenging problem for a client.” She is particularly grateful for the help from Barb and the PCS team when the learning curve gets a bit steep.

Outside of work, Valeria is an avid traveler. They have already been to Jasper and Banff and are planning a trip to Europe in the near future. At home, she loves to bake sweet desserts. Swimming and walking help her deal with the extra calories!