Human Resources

Has this ever happened to you? About the time you finish the expensive process of training a bookkeeper, she/he moves on, forcing you to start over – yet again! Now you have two problems:

  • You need a new staff person.
  • Your books need to be maintained in the meantime.

With our temporary bookkeeping service, help is at hand from Preferred Client Services. We’ve worked with so many different kinds of businesses over the years that we know we’re up for any challenge. We’ll keep your books up-to-date while you search for that new staffer.

No job is too big or too small! Here’s what else can reduce your stress levels and workload:

  • Bring us in to complete those pesky T-4s in time for tax filing.
  • Let us train your new bookkeeper.
  • We’ll work with your junior data entry person and then complete confidential reports and/or your payroll until your in-house bookkeeper is in place.

Your profits depend on your business running smoothly, right? Call now to book your free consultation.