Team Bios

Darla Sawchuk

Darla Sawchuk

Professional Bookkeeper

A broken arm was responsible for Darla Sawchuk’s path to a bookkeeping career. From the age of 16, she had been traveling the country as a photographer taking baby pictures when she broke her arm. To make ends meet while she healed, she signed on with a temporary staffing agency. “I discovered I really enjoyed an office environment. Each completed assignment led to higher placement opportunities with more responsibilities, particularly in office management and bookkeeping.”

While working for the agency, Darla took some classes to sharpen her skills. Over 14 years of experience doing different things in different ways has made her uniquely qualified to tackle the variety of files at Preferred Client Services.

“Even though the core rules relating to numbers don’t change,” says Darla, “things can still go wrong. I love to search for whatever’s gone off track and then fix it. It’s very satisfying to not only balance all the numbers but to be able to reduce the pile of papers to the few that tell the whole story.”

A people-person herself, Darla is enjoying her teammates at PCS. “I’m also looking forward to working with the various clients in the field.”

Darla believes in the calmness of the mind and body, so yoga is her chosen form of relaxation. An outdoor enthusiast, her four dogs and her yard keep her busy. She also loves camping and hiking.