Team Bios

Tara Carlson

Tara Carlson

Professional Bookkeeper

“I’m a people-person, plus I have a flair for numbers,” says Tara Carlson. Tara started her career in various customer service roles where she won awards for providing excellent, fast, and efficient support and service.

Before joining Preferred Client Services Group, she worked in an engineering firm. Starting in administrative support and A/P, A/R, Tara was promoted to Junior Accountant, where she dealt with 16 different project managers in Western Canada.  There, she also trained new employees for junior accountant positions.

“With many of the project managers at such a distance, I had to find ways to communicate effectively in order to get the job done. It was particularly challenging to meet my deadlines when the paperwork didn’t arrive until the last minute!”

Tara considers herself to be a very resourceful woman who is a fast learner. She combines those talents with her ability to be technically savvy. “It doesn’t take me long to learn a new system or software. When I’m faced with a challenge, I don’t give up – I find a way to accomplish the task.”

At Preferred Client Services, help is readily available when she needs it. She likes the fact that every file is different and looks forward to learning something new every day.

Summer at the dog park is one of Tara’s favorite places, where she takes her big dog Jayda for walks. Tara can also be found in her kitchen, creating enticing entrees and delicious baked goods.