Team Bios

Adrienne Sannachan

Professional Bookkeeper

Adrienne Sannachan is a Professional Edmonton Bookkeeper & she enjoys the challenge of a Clean-Up. She loves to create order out of chaos. In a previous position as both office manager and bookkeeper, she completed the mammoth task of sorting and organizing boxes of files. “One company was transitioning from Quebec to Alberta where the regulations are quite different.  That was a big job!”

Adrienne is a graduate of the University of Lethbridge where she achieved her Post Diploma Bachelor of Management Degree - Marketing Major in 2004. While the people contact of marketing was very attractive, her love of numbers and her talent for organizing drew her into the field of administration.

At Preferred Client Services, she eagerly tackles the challenges of a variety of clients. “Each client brings a different set of problems and expectations. I get a great deal of satisfaction from meeting expectations and helping to resolve those problems.”

A year ago, Adrienne signed up as a Brownie Leader for Girl Guides and is enjoying her time with eager 6 – 9-year-old girls. At home, her artistic talents are expressed through stained glass panels and quilting by hand. When time permits, she relaxes with a good book.