Government Remittances

Nothing strikes fear and terror into the hearts of business owners like calls or letters from the Canada Revenue Agency.

Government Remittances are no Joke. Whether it is late filing fees, interest or notices of upcoming audits Preferred Client Services can help you deal with your Government Filings.

When you hire the experts at Preferred Client Services, you can breathe a sigh of relief:

  • We track your government filing deadlines for GST, Payroll Remittances, Corporate Tax Installments and Year Ends.
  • Your GST is always filed on time and if we are responsible for submitting the payments for you, then it will be paid on time too.
  • Your Payroll Remittances are filed and kept up to date.
  • We will remit your Corporate Tax installments on time and to the correct office. 

If penalties and interest from late filing or not filing Government Remittances are issues for your business, let us help you eliminate them. We excel at record keeping. We can keep track of your deadlines and keep your government filings current. Call us and get back on track with the CRA.