Many of our clients struggled with their bookkeeping processes and systems before they hired us.

We’ve seen it all:

  • Shoe boxes and garbage bags filled with receipts
  • Boxes of file folders stuffed with papers spilling out
  • Old uncollected Accounts Receivable Balances
  • Software that doesn’t live up to its promise

 Systems and processes are a vital part of any business but they are key in the financial department.  Processes for tracking paperwork, collecting Accounts Receivable and completing Month End Reports are key to keeping your business functioning and compliant.

 Knowing what tool is most suitable for your business can make the difference between getting the information you need to make good business decisions and not having the necessary information available quickly. The accounting software you choose can speed up your invoicing procedure or slow it right down.

 Let us help! At Preferred Client Services, no mess is too daunting for our team. We love nothing better than to roll up our sleeves and turn chaos into order.

Whether you use Intuit/QuickBooks, Sage, Dynamics or other proprietary programs, we know how to make your bookkeeping system run smoothly. For more information regarding how we can help you, book a free1 hour consultation today!