Accounts Receivable Management

Has your Accounts Receivable Management slowed your cash flow to a monetary trickle?  Open those Financial Flood Gates, call Preferred Client Services for help retrieving your outstanding money. 

Accounts Receivable Management is a perfect fit for your business if:
  • You do not feel comfortable calling your clients about late payments.
  • You do not have time for a consistent follow-up for all your overdue accounts.
  • You fear that if you do not contact your clients today it may lead to more BAD DEBT.
A dedicated Preferred Client Services’ Professional Bookkeepers will represent your business and develop a plan to help get control over your Accounts Receivable.
  • We will contact clients on behalf of your company and act as a representative of your Accounts Receivable Department.
  • We will always represent you in a professional and very friendly way.
  • We have a dedicated telephone line for Accounts Receivable.
  • We give your clients the option of paying with a credit card and will provide them with a receipt when they make a payment.
  • We will adjust our schedule to contact your customers at convenient times for them.
  • We will advise your clients about legal action, if it is needed.
  • We will provide you weekly reports of accomplished results.

Improve your cash flow today, contact us and get your Accounts Receivable under control.