Accounts Receivable Management

Preferred Client Services is offering a service specifically dedicated to Accounts Receivable Management to allow you more time to build your business.

This Service is perfect for your business if:

  • You do not feel comfortable calling your clients about late payments.
  • You do not have time for a consistent follow-up of all the overdue accounts.
  • You fear that if you do not contact your clients today it may lead to more BAD DEBT.

Tara is one of Preferred Client Services’ Professional Bookkeepers who has specialized in Accounts Receivable with proven results. “I’m a people-person, plus I have a flair for numbers,” says Tara Carlson. She started her career in various customer service roles where she won awards for providing excellent, fast, and efficient support and service.

Tara will represent your business in the most professional way.

This is how our A/R Management service works:

  • We meet with you to build your customized A/R plan.
  • We contact all the clients on your behalf as representatives of your company’s Accounts Receivable Department.
  • We will always represent you in a professional and very friendly way.
  • We have a dedicated telephone line for Accounts Receivable.
  • We give your clients the option of paying with a credit card and will provide them with a receipt when they make a payment.
  • We will adjust our schedule to contact your customers at a more convenient time for them.
  • We will advise your clients about legal action, if needed.
  • We will provide you weekly reports of accomplished results.

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