Team Bios

Aireen Francisco

Aireen Francisco

Professional Bookkeeper

Sponsored by relatives already in Canada, Aireen Francisco moved here from the Philippines in 2010. She worked in entry-level jobs until she enrolled in the Administrative Professional Diploma Program at Campbell College in Edmonton. She graduated in October 2014.

“After my practicum, I worked for a trucking firm, first as the office administrator and then as the billing and payroll clerk. Because I really enjoyed performing the bookkeeping tasks, my aunt who is an accountant here suggested I enroll at CDI College. I earned my Administrative Accounting and Payroll Diploma in May 2019.”

Aireen believes her previous education in electronics and engineering in the Philippines along with her work there with computers will serve her well in her role with Preferred Client Services. Curiosity, strong organizational and keyboarding skills are some of the aspects that help her succeed at work. “I like things to be orderly,” said Aireen.

She enjoys working through problems and is delighted when she finds the missing pieces to the answers she seeks. “It’s particularly rewarding to be able to practically apply the theory from my education to the files on my desk. I know I will learn a great deal here at PCS.”

At home, Aireen spends time with her young daughter. They both enjoy movies and shopping. Weekends are reserved for time with her extended family where plenty of food and laughter is always involved.