Team Bios

Alesia Batalenka

Alesia Batalenka

Professional Bookkeeper

Alesia Batalenka’s accountant aunt inspired her to focus on a career in accounting. A top math student in school, Alesia pursued her Bachelor in Finance and Credit Degree from The Belarus State Economic University in Minsk, while working in the manufacturing industry. She received her degree in 2002 and continued to work in a variety of accounting roles that provided increased responsibility.

In 2016, she and her family moved to Canada. “We were impressed by the beauty of the country, its economy, and its cultural diversity,” said Alesia. Once they were settled, she enrolled full time in NAIT’s BBA in Accounting Program. She was awarded her degree in 2019.

Alesia considers herself somewhat of a “clean-up queen” when it comes to various accounting challenges. “I’m very persistent. I drill down to the root of the problem and work until I have found every mistake. It feels good to be useful.”

The helpful and friendly support she receives at PCS has her looking forward to performing more complex tasks and gaining the experience she desires to do an even better job.

Through movies and books, Alesia devotes time to improving her English skills. In the winter, she and her family go skating, and in the summer, biking. Travel is also important to their family. Not only have they ventured to Jasper and Banff, they’ve also been to Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, with more destinations to come.