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Angeline Villavert

Angeline Villavert

Professional Bookkeeper

Angeline Villavert switched her focus from med school to bookkeeping after a grade nine class back in the Philippines. She now has her sights set on a CPA designation.

In 2019, she arrived in Canada with her parents and two siblings. Angeline enrolled in the Business Administrative – Accounting diploma program at NAIT in 2021.

 Starting as a summer student in 2023 with PCS, she will work parttime while she finishes at NAIT. “The work at PCS helps me practically apply what I learn in the classroom,” said Angeline.

Learning new software and programs is an exciting challenge. “The bookkeeping class I took back home was all done by hand. Completing tasks electronically is very different.” Intrigued by the various ways that companies track and organize sales and expenses, she challenged herself to set up and keep a personal set of books at home.

Angeline is a people person who is never shy to ask good questions. Good time management is another skill that helps her. “I always set a personal completion goal that’s ahead of the actual deadline. That way, if there are questions about the file, I can get help to finish on time.”

A homebody at heart, Angeline loves to knit. She also loves watching movies with her family.