Team Bios

Anna Koch

Anna Koch

Professional Bookkeeper

Anna Koch first visited Canada as an exchange student from Germany in 2007. Once she finished her schooling in Germany, she apprenticed and worked for an international logistics company. The career fit wasn’t quite right, so her adventurous spirit brought her back to Canada in 2017 for a year of work and travel. She even handled dogsled teams at a lodge near Yellowknife! She got hooked on the Canadian lifestyle and its people and decided to move here permanently.

In 2019, Anna enrolled in NAIT’s two-year Business Administration Diploma program and earned her diploma. “The switch from logistics to accounting wasn’t difficult, because bookkeeping is a big part of logistics.”

Anna feels a great sense of satisfaction in working with numbers and in dealing with a variety of PCS clients. Optimistic and positive, she looks forward to each facet of clients’ businesses. “As I move from one part of a business to another, I watch for inconsistencies. I’m meticulous in double-checking my work. There’s always something new to learn.”

Away from work, Anna keeps fit with Step classes. With her schooling finished, she has more time to read a good book and meet up with friends. She looks forward to weekend trips and more outdoor adventures.