Team Bios

Barbara Steckly


My dad, a Saskatchewan farmer, told me, "What is important is what I achieve - not where I start from." On the farm I learned how to work hard, meet deadlines, multi-task, persist in the face of adversity, be part of a team, and do what I said I would do - no matter what.

Now I own a bookkeeping firm with a team of 17 professional bookkeepers. One of the things I am most proud of is my business model. Here, a talented bookkeeper can build her own business within Preferred Client Services Group LTD.

The road from then to now was twisty and occasionally challenging but more often than not, it has been exhilarating. My passion for using bookkeeping as a vehicle to help business owners take their businesses to ever-greater heights can be fully exercised.

My time as a finance manager, loans officer, and owner of a manufacturing company has given me the experiences needed to expand my competencies into areas all entrepreneurs need, but do not always have. My entire team loves working in the trenches with intrepid business owners - that’s the WOW factor in my business.

Prospective clients often ask, "Why should we do business with you?"

We reply, "Your books are so much more than a historical record or a means of determining how much money to send to the government. When we do your books, you get reports that help you see what the future can be."

Any bookkeeper can pull reports from an accounting program. But learning how to use the reports to run your business is crucial.  Some of the things our clients learn from us include how to predict future cash position, how to decide whether to hire or lay off staff, whether to increase or decrease inventory, whether to borrow or use cash on hand for capital expenditures... the list goes on.  

Entrepreneurs sometimes wonder if they need a more accomplished bookkeeper than they currently have. If you are wondering... the answer is probably. "YES!" We love the kinds of challenges that most bookkeepers dread. For example, our team helped a client who had 25 different companies - many in a state of disarray. We got all his records up to date so he could file his seriously overdue taxes and get on with making more money.

We’re proud of the fact that "we make a difference, counting the beans".