Team Bios

Elena Sokolskaia

Elena Sokolskaia

Professional Bookkeeper

As part of her early schooling in Russia, Elena worked part-time in an accounting office. That experience inspired her to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Economy at the Moscow State University of Forestry in 2004. After 10 years working as an accountant, Elena and her husband started and ran a successful fitness business before coming to Canada in May 2022. “When I was pregnant with our third child and couldn’t teach for awhile, I looked after our company books.”

An avid learner, Elena is enrolled in English classes so she can quickly learn the correct accounting terminology. “It’s important for clients that we work without mistakes, so I’m very persistent in asking questions.”

Used to diligently training not only her body but her mind, Elena focuses on the most important tasks first. She sticks with a file until it’s done. “I work with an amazing team. Together, we connect over the files and combine our efforts to complete them.” Her goal is to study at a Canadian university to obtain her CPA designation.

Elena and her husband are busy at home with lessons and with their son and daughter. Once lessons are done, she relaxes by walking or spending time at the community gym.