Team Bios

Elizabeth Cool

Elizabeth Cool

Professional Bookkeeper

Elizabeth Cool moved to Alberta from Ontario in 2019. So far, the winters haven’t scared her away. “I wanted a change of scenery,” said Elizabeth. “Plus, Alberta is more affordable.”

Elizabeth is currently enrolled at NAIT in the bachelor degree program of Business Administration (Accounting) having already earned her diploma. Her long-term goal is to receive her CPA designation.

While at school, Elizabeth worked as a line cook in a busy restaurant, so she is no stranger to pressure. Now working parttime as a PCS team member, Elizabeth loves to apply her analytical mind to the files that cross her desk. “I enjoy problem-solving. I strive to produce high quality work, so I’m not afraid to get the help I need to do that.”

She is enjoying the variety of work challenges at PCS. “It’s exciting to tackle things I’ve never done before. Every day is different.”

When she’s not studying or working, Elizabeth unwinds by playing video games with her boyfriend and other friends. She bikes in the summer, and in the winter travels to Jasper when she can to go snowboarding.