Team Bios

Fatima Ibrahimi

Fatima Ibrahimi

Professional Bookkeeper

Fatima Ibrahimi always had a passion for finance, so she earned her bachelor’s degree in economics in 2015 from Kateb University in Kabul, Afghanistan. Upon graduating, Fatima worked as a head teller in a busy bank and then as an administration officer for a policy research and development studies NGO.

As part of a Canadian government initiative, Fatima and her husband were evacuated from Afghanistan to Thunder Bay, Ontario in 2021. She started her studies for an Accounting & Payroll Administration Diploma through Oxford College online in Toronto in 2022.

“In Thunder Bay, the Afghan community was very small, and it was too cold for us, so we moved to Edmonton in January of 2023,” said Fatima. “Here, there’s plenty of sun, and the cost of living is less.”

Fatima came to PCS as a volunteer through the Links for Success program and transitioned to part-time work here. She enjoys learning new things, particularly the rules and regulations for accounting. She is skilled at multi-tasking, likes to work hard, and commits fully to the job at hand. She has developed a fondness for payroll.

Away from work, Fatima is an enthusiastic walker, jogger, and marathon runner. “Exercise helps me relax.”