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Fationa Sefa

Fationa Sefa

Professional Bookkeeper

Originally from Albania, Fationa Sefa joined her husband in Edmonton in December 2014. Before coming to Canada, she had earned her Bachelor of Business Administration and her Master’s Degree in Business Management from Aleksander Moisiu, Durres, Albania. She is currently enrolled in online Bookkeeping classes at NAIT.

Fationa discovered her fascination with numbers and statistics at school. β€œI was very good at math and algebra. I like the fact that numbers don’t change.”

While learning new software can be challenging because of her concern about doing it right, she’s always excited to learn new things. Her high level of commitment, paired with taking full responsibility for her own actions help her succeed at work.

Fationa’s position at PCS already feels like a good fit. β€œIn previous places, I felt so much pressure. Here, it’s warm and welcoming. My teammates are always encouraging me to ask questions when I don’t know something. It makes learning that much easier.”

At home, Fationa is a busy mom of two young children. Her 5-year-old son loves to help her bake. Her daughter will soon be 1 and walking, so in summer they plan to visit the park. Fationa’s stress relief comes from baking a cake. She’s looking forward to the day when she has more time to read and crochet.