Team Bios

Genevieve Mireau

Genevieve Mireau

Professional Bookkeeper

Genevieve Mireau’s first career was in Culinary Arts where she moved up the ranks from Line Cook to Sous Chef after graduating from NAIT’s culinary program in 2016. “The food industry has its challenges regarding steady employment, so after seven years, I decided to seek more predictability in a different field.”

With her Canadian Payroll Practitioner Certificate from CDI in hand, Genevieve completed her practicum and apprenticeship at PCS before joining the firm fulltime. “I enjoy numbers and I love the payroll field – it’s intriguing to me how people get compensated for the work they do.”

A major strength for Genevieve is her caring nature. “When you care about your clients, you do your best to take care of their business needs.” With honed skills from her former career in training and development and in communications, she never hesitates to share tips on better ways to connect with clients in a more professional manner.

Genevieve really appreciates the educational component at PCS. “The more experienced team members are quick to point out the skills we need to take away from each project. As I learn and grow, I look forward to developing more procedures to help new team members.”

At home, her loyal dog, Fritz is ever eager for attention and cuddles. Genevieve reads fantasy novels and participates in Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. She and her partner enjoy camping, hiking, and fishing.