Team Bios

Iuliia Bashtanova

Iuliia Bashtanova

Professional Bookkeeper

Iuliia Bashtanova arrived in Canada in 2022 with her husband, two sons and one daughter. Her working life began after she earned her master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences in 1999 from the Odessa National Academy of Food Technologies in Ukraine.

At her first job, she was given simple bookkeeping tasks to complete. This sparked her interest in learning more, so she took courses in bookkeeping and payroll. After being promoted to Intermediate Accountant, Iuliia performed all tasks necessary for each client. “I stayed for seven years with that company and then felt confident enough to start my own bookkeeping firm.”

Iuliia’s favorite part of bookkeeping is payroll. “We do not have an hourly wage category in Ukraine, which makes the Canadian system quite different. I’m eager to become one of the payroll specialists at PCS.”

As a team player, she values the importance of building healthy relationships. “With five of us at home, we have to work as a team.” Patience and a friendly attitude are two things in her favor. Competence in managing her day and focused attention on the tasks in front of her help her succeed.

Away from work, Iuliia and her family are looking forward to traveling around Alberta and the rest of Canada. “It’s such a big country with lots to explore.”