Team Bios

Jan Timperley

Jan Timperley

Professional Bookkeeper

In her younger days when Jan Timperley first encountered a long paper tax form, she was curious about her ability to complete and file it successfully. Her subsequent success demonstrated her affinity for numbers. When she was approached by an entrepreneur about keeping his company books on a contract basis, her bookkeeping career was launched.

It was a steep learning curve as she helped her client grow his revenue from six figures to a multi-million-dollar business. “I learned to do by doing,” says Jan. As new client opportunities came along, she decided to add very diverse companies to her roster.

“I thrive on tackling different challenges each day. I also know the importance of building relationships. It is so rewarding to learn my clients’ needs and to be able to provide them with relevant information in ways that are easy for them to understand.”

Jan strives daily for not only accuracy but completion of her tasks. Despite the pressures of deadlines, she values being able to maintain her equilibrium.

Recently returned from a four-year hiatus in Mexico, Jan is easing her way back into Canadian life. Although she misses her Spanish lessons and volunteer work abroad, she enjoys spending time with her daughters and young granddaughter. If you put a hammer in her hand, she might help you move a wall or re-decorate your place.