Team Bios

Joel Melnychuk

Joel Melnychuk

Professional Bookkeeper

Once Joel Melnychuk obtained his B.Ed in Secondary Education (specializing in Career Technology Studies for Trades, Manufacturing, and Transportation) he began to explore a variety of career options. Because his mom, a CA has worked in bookkeeping for many years, Joel decided to enroll in a bookkeeping course at NAIT to see if he liked it. He did.

It was lunch at a nearby restaurant that drew his attention to the PCS sign. “I decided to give them a call once I’d finished my course at NAIT.”

Not only do numbers come easily for Joel, but he is also very adept with computers and quick to learn unfamiliar computing software. “My goal when I learn something new is to teach new team members.”

When working on client files, Joel takes copious notes in order to stay on top of the work at hand. He plans to systematize those notes so they’re available for others to use. Although he likes to tackle challenges on his own first, he knows he has great backup from the PCS team whenever he needs help.

Away from computers and client files, swimming and rock climbing are two favorites of Joel’s to keep active. At home, he likes to gather with friends to play video games.