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Kimberly Trainor

Kimberly Trainor

Professional Bookkeeper

Before deciding on a more targeted career path, Kimberly Trainor worked in the food services industry for a few years and then supervised at a doggie daycare. Ready for a new direction, Kimberly remembered that math was her favorite subject. Once she turned her attention to bookkeeping, she enrolled in online courses and earned a variety of certificates.

In May of 2023, Kimberly accepted a part-time position with PCS. “Because of their large client base, I felt I could learn the most here.” In September, she will be full-time as a Junior Bookkeeper.

Kimberly is very enthusiastic about the work she is doing. “I learn a lot every day.” Not only does she have a high attention to detail, but she’s also very good at catching errors – particularly her own. Her proficiency and comfort level with technology also help her succeed.

Accuracy is important to Kimberly. She prides herself on not only completing her tasks but completing them correctly. A self-confessed “nerd”, she finds it satisfying to be constantly thinking and problem-solving. “At PCS, because my mind is always engaged, the day goes by fast.”

Kimberly’s small dog, Navi keeps her busy at home. Camping and hiking with her partner are favorite activities in the summer. To relax, she enjoys playing video games.