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Professional Edmonton Bookkeeper

Kristina Briaunyte

Professional Bookkeeper

When she and her family came to Canada from Lithuania in 2013, Kristina Briaunyte dreamed of a career in bookkeeping and accounting. Her Bachelor of Economics degree (with a specialty in Banking and Finance) started her on that path.

After graduating in 2005, she spent over 10 years in the banking industry, starting in customer service and moving up to managerial roles. She has continued her education here and will soon finish the Accounting & Payroll Admin. Program at CDI College.

Kristina’s ability to focus, to work very quickly, and to finish her tasks on time all help her succeed at Preferred Client Services. Enthusiastic about her work, she has strong organizational and problem-solving skills. “All client files are interesting to me. I really like to push myself on the more complicated files so I can learn something new.”

At PCS, she enjoys working as part of the team. “It’s a good team. Everyone is very professional, helpful, and friendly.”

When not working, Kristina and her family explore the great outdoors. Whether skating or skiing in winter or biking and camping in the Rockies in summer, there is always a new adventure. In quiet moments, she enjoys reading.