Team Bios

Laila Gille

Laila Gille

Professional Bookkeeper

Born and schooled in the Philippines, Laila Gille received her CPA designation there after earning her BSc in Accountancy in 1994. While working with numbers wasn’t her first choice for university, she credits the scholarship she was given for exposing her to a field she has come to love. Her first job took her to Palau for three years where she worked as the chief accountant for both the Guam and Palau offices. She moved to Canada with her husband in 2008.

After maternity leave, Laila worked as a bookkeeper in Fort MacMurray before moving to Edmonton in 2019. She attributes her success at work to her analytical skills and her way of thinking. “When I have a new file, the way to approach it just comes naturally to me. It’s like a reflex. It’s both motivating and satisfying to complete the work in front of me.”

Laila is enjoying the atmosphere at PCS. “The team is very good at volunteering their knowledge.”

With two teenage girls, Laila spends some of her home time at the mall. She enjoys biking with her husband, and to relax, the whole family likes going to the movies.