Team Bios

Lana Treshcheva

Lana Treshcheva

Professional Bookkeeper

After studying science and graduating from the University of Moscow in 1996, Lana did some fascinating work as an engineer. But when a declining economy forced her to go in a different direction, she found herself working as an accounting clerk. In that role, the science of numbers captured her attention. She was able to apply her love of math in many ways. "I really like numbers - I find them challenging and interesting."

Her work experiences in Russia and her accounting courses at NAIT prepared her to dive into the busy atmosphere at Preferred Client Services. Lana is delighted with all the different tasks that cross her desk each day. The variety of companies she works with brings new experiences. When clients have problems, Lana’s determination rises accordingly. "Problems are like puzzles to me. They’re meant to be solved. I’m very determined. I don’t give up." Lana is grateful for the helpfulness of her teammates and the mentorship of Barbara, her boss.

When asked about her hobbies, Lana confessed her passion for reading - particularly science fiction. Her favorite author is Garry Garrison. When her nose isn’t in a book, she enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter. It may come as no surprise that Lana’s daughter is studying science at the U of A.