Team Bios

Lyubov Shkrabatska

Lyubov Shkrabatska

Professional Bookkeeper

Lyubov Shkrobatska’s mom suggested a career working with numbers, advising that it was a stable profession that had job security. Because she really liked numbers, Lyubov pursued that path and earned accountancy and economic degrees in Ukraine, along with further training in payroll and accountancy in Israel.

Before coming to Canada, Lyubov gained a wealth of work experience from Ukraine, Poland, and Israel in administration, accounting, and bookkeeping. She, her husband, and two daughters arrived in Canada in the fall of 2022. “Coming from the constant summer of Israel, the cold in Alberta was a shock. Now that we’ve made it through our first winter, life is good here,” says Lyubov.

Lyubov was placed at PCS through Catholic Social Services’ Links program. Upon completion, she accepted a full-time position. She is grateful for all the help she receives from the PCS team. “The systems and ways of doing things are so different from country to country.” A calm approach and a detail-oriented nature contribute to Lyubov’s success at work.

Because the whole family enjoys the outdoors and love to travel, they’ve been to the mountains several times. They even bought a boat so they could explore various lakes. At home, Lyubov and her youngest daughter love to cook Italian food.