Team Bios

Maria Ionina

Maria Ionina

Associate Bookkeeper

Maria Ionina has been in Canada for sixteen years since moving from Russia with her parents and younger sister. Currently the VP of Operations of the accounting club at NAIT, Maria is one year away from achieving her Bachelor of Business Administration – Accounting degree.

Hard work and a determination to succeed are two of the attributes that Maria draws on in her role as a professional bookkeeper in training at PCS. “Here,” says Maria, “I get to learn something new every day. Beyond the theory, I’m fascinated about the many ways that numbers are applied in the real world.”

She combines a prodigious memory with a high level of patience to help her learn and understand how various processes and programs work. “I feel a great sense of accomplishment when everything is organized.” She is thankful to be surrounded by expertise. “Everyone is willing to help. They don’t hesitate to answer any of my questions.”

At home, Maria experiments in the kitchen with recipes and new processes. To keep fit, she likes to run. An adventurer at heart, Maria enjoys exploring new places and learning how others live. She is looking forward to wherever her travels take her next.