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Professional Edmonton Bookkeeper

Maria Protskiv

Professional Bookkeeper

Maria Protskiv came to Canada in 2009. Maria arrived in Vancouver, just in time for the Olympic games where she met her future husband.  A graduate of the University of Moldova, she earned her Bachelor of Management degree in 2008.

Maria’s work as a loans officer at a bank in her home country seeded her interest in working with figures and financial information. In Edmonton before joining Preferred Client Services, she worked for and eventually managed a public tax firm over a four-year period.

“Wherever I have worked, everyone commented on my ability to find even the smallest mistakes,” says Maria. “I guess I’m pretty picky!”

Her ability to be well-organized and her pro-active response to meeting deadlines enables her to provide superior customer service. At PCS, she really appreciates that both clients and staff are treated so specially. Because of her desire to learn and grow in her profession, Maria asks lots of questions and enjoys opportunities to do her research.

At home as a busy mother of two young boys, Maria values time with her family. In the summer, she and her husband take the boys swimming and bike riding. Maria sponsored her mother’s move to Canada, so her extended family has grown. She delights in cooking for them, and in quiet moments curls up with a good book.