Team Bios

Mary Cereneche

Mary Cereneche

Professional Bookkeeper

Mary Cereneche discovered the joy of numbers at a young age when she counted the money from her sales in the local market after school. Enrolled in the Bachelor of Science in Commerce program – Major in Management at the Central Philippine University, Mary also completed her practicum in a bank during her fourth year. She graduated from the university in October of 2002.

Jobs were scarce for new graduates in her chosen field, so she enrolled in a caregiver course. Upon completion, she moved to Singapore and Hong Kong and started working. Mary arrived in Canada in 2014 with a contract to work as a nanny. As soon as she received her permanent resident status, numbers called her back to school. In March of 2021 she completed her Accounting and Payroll Administration Diploma through CDI College.

“It’s fun to do the calculations,” says Mary. “It’s very interesting to figure out what to do, step-by-step.”

Compassionate and helpful, not only does Mary thrive on working hard and completing the tasks in front of her, but she is also driven to beat her deadlines. “If possible, I like to finish a couple days before my work is due.” She really appreciates the praise given by the PCS team for a job well done.

In her spare time, Mary likes walking and jogging. In the evening, she cooks, watches movies, or reads. She is looking forward to her family joining her in Canada.