Team Bios

Marzia Ahmadi

Marzia Ahmadi

Professional Bookkeeper

Marzia Ahmadi was living in Afghanistan before coming to Canada with her parents and brothers in January 2022. Her educational goals led her to India where she earned her Bachelor of Business Administration in 2017 and then her Masters of Business Administration in 2020 - 2022. She has worked as a translator and as an English instructor.

Marzia worked as a volunteer at PCS for two months before accepting a parttime bookkeeping position. She is enjoying the practical application of the knowledge she gained at university. “My previous work was in HR, so it was a big challenge to start at PCS. But now I’ve gained some confidence.”

Marzia combines her patience for listening and learning with her strong ability to manage her workload. “I’m very persistent. I never give up, even when I hit roadblocks. There is always a way to the solution.”

Adept with languages, Marcia speaks English, Hindi/Urdu, and Dari/Persian. Being quite new to Canada, she is always looking for opportunities to learn about her new home. Away from work, she devotes time to her family, who still struggle with English. She loves to be outside and is looking forward to travelling to new places in Alberta.