Team Bios

Neha Saju

Neha Saju

Professional Bookkeeper

When Neha Saju arrived in Nova Scotia in January 2022, it was a cold winter wonderland in contrast to +30 Celsius and the lush green of India. Because of flight restrictions, it took her four days to get to Canada. She and her husband travelled to Edmonton one month later.

Neha is one of the newest members of the PCS Summer Student Program. “I’m so happy to be able to apply what I learn from my coursework.” She is currently enrolled in the last stages of the CPA (USA) program and is also part of the Commerce stream. Neha previously spent three years as an intern at a chartered accounting firm in India. There she learned firsthand about the importance of teamwork and interpersonal connections.

A quick learner, she is enjoying all aspects of the work at PCS, from the basic accounting knowledge to the newness of the accounting software. “All the software here is different. I’m grateful that I can access it all in the office.”

At home, Neha likes to cook and watch movies. She also spends time polishing her English. “I Google the meanings of all the words and phrases I hear during the day.” Now that spring has arrived, she’s looking forward to exploring the countryside.