Team Bios

Oleksandra Kilyar

Oleksandra Kilyar

Professional Bookkeeper

With both parents working in the accounting field, it was natural for Oleksandra Kilyar to follow in their footsteps. A Ph.D. in Accounting and Audit earned through the Kyiv National Economic University in Ukraine plus several years of working and teaching experience make her a valuable addition to the PCS team. Oleksandra and her 9-year-old son arrived in Edmonton recently to start a new life.

“What I like most about the work I do is interacting with many different companies and getting to meet such interesting people,” says Oleksandra. “Teaching accounting is also a passion of mine. As an Associate Professor for over 16 years, I found it very rewarding to share my knowledge with university students.”

While working in Ukraine, Oleksandra honed her adaptability skills as she applied her bookkeeping knowledge to a variety of companies from manufacturers to small businesses. As she settles into life in Alberta, she is focused on upgrading her English and learning the Canadian software and accounting programs.

At home, Oleksandra loves to cook and bake. Travel is also a favorite pastime. She’s missing the mountains in Ukraine where she used to visit, so is planning a trip to Jasper as soon as she can.