Team Bios

Olga Lukianchykova

Olga Lukianchykova

Professional Bookkeeper

In 2017, Olga Lukianchykova arrived in Canada as an international Student. She studied at Humber College for two years before she and her husband moved to Edmonton to be closer to family.

Olga earned her Master’s degree in Accounting and Audit in Ukraine in 2002 and a Postgraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management in Toronto in 2019. Here, she was part of the “Link for Success” program and apprenticed at PCS before coming on board full time.

“Although I was educated in accounting, most of my jobs had to do with statistics. Now I need to immerse myself in the Canadian accounting system and in learning new software.” An avid and fast learner, Olga considers her analytical skills and her attention to detail as great assets in contributing to success at work. “It’s important to remember that the numbers we work with represent clients’ money, so we don’t want any mistakes.”

Olga is eager to learn something new, either about the files in front of her or from the team at PCS. “I like to stretch my brain!”

With the worldly trouble in Ukraine, Olga is hosting her niece and child who came from her homeland. She stays active by swimming and playing tennis with her husband and friends. One day she would like to take dance lessons. When she’s not studying, Olga relaxes with her favorite detective novels.