Team Bios

Richel Rico

Richel Rico

Professional Bookkeeper

Despite her dream of a career in broadcasting, Richel Rico listened to her father instead. He steered her toward the accounting profession. β€œHe told me that it was a more practical choice, and he was right.” After obtaining her accounting degree, Richel taught at Columban College in the Philippines for four years. She was awarded her Master of Business Administration in 2014.

Her role as instructor ended when she entered the corporate arena and worked as an accountant before moving to Canada in 2019. She completed her diploma in Accounting and Payroll Administration through Bredin College in 2022.

At PCS, she appreciates the kind and accommodating team and is enjoying the many opportunities to learn. β€œI like to explore the challenges of all the different businesses. I’m very curious, and I like to think outside the box.”

Richel prefers to stay humble about what she knows because the learning never stops. Calm and organized under pressure, she gets a sense of accomplishment from every challenge she solves.

The busy mom of a little girl, Richel likes to drive to Saskatchewan to visit friends. She also enjoys camping in the summer. Movies and long walks are her way to relax.