Team Bios

Serhii Shmatko

Serhii Shmatko

Professional Bookkeeper

Born and educated in Ukraine, Serhii Shmatko earned his Masters degree in Accounting and Audit from the East Ukrainian National University in Luhansk, Ukraine in 2011. Prior to moving to Canada in 2022, Serhii and his wife owned and operated a fitness business for five years in Moscow. Having also worked in construction and coal mining, he is comfortable dealing with a wide range of businesses.

When asked, “Why accounting?” Serhii said, “Accounting runs in my family. My brother is an accountant and so was my grandmother.” An ability to learn quickly, his adaptability, and his skill with computers are some of the things that help him succeed at work. “While every new company provides a challenge, it gives me great pleasure to succeed.”

Serhii is finding his time at PCS to be an excellent experience. “Everyone is very friendly. I get huge support from my co-workers, plus I have a very smart boss.”

Away from work, Serhii is either working out or studying his files for the next day’s work. To relax, he enjoys watching sports and movies, listening to music, and reading. He’s always up for a good game of chess.