Team Bios

Professional Edmonton Bookkeeper

Shanda Seraphin

Professional Bookkeeper

Shanda has been a bookkeeper for 15 years; she still loves the problem-solving aspect of the work. "If my education and experience do not provide the answer I need, and if there isn’t anyone I can ask, then I just go ahead and figure it out for myself."

Always up for a challenge, one of Shanda’s favourite projects was setting up a proper accounting system for a company that had grown significantly without any accounting system at all. Their previous bookkeeper had tried and failed to ’invent’ something for them. The results were disastrous, but Shanda took on the task of figuring out how turn the mess into a complete and correct set of books.

Another file Shanda enjoyed was one that involved the client trying to use two completely different accounting systems within one company. Again, the results were awful, so Shanda had the fun of making everything work correctly within a single system.

She attributes the success of the firm to "systems that help us keep on top of every one’s deadlines, flexibility in working with client’s files (within GAPP of course), and the speed, efficiency, and accuracy of everyone on our team".

Shanda says, "I’m successful at this because I have always given 100% to my work. It doesn’t matter if the task is menial - it still needs to be completed perfectly and in a timely manner."

An avid horsewoman, Shanda owns a horse. The dressage she does with him is not only fun - it’s a great way to relieve the stress that sometimes creeps into this demanding profession.