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Sharon Ruta | Professional Bookkeeper at Preferred Client Services

Sharon Ruta

Professional Bookkeeper

When she aced her high school bookkeeping exam, little did Sharon Ruta know that it would lead her to a career she loved.

 Her first adventure with numbers came when her husband started a business and asked her to handle the books. “His belief that it would be easy wasn’t really true,” said Sharon, “but as I learned, I found I loved the flow of numbers and how the reports changed over time.”

Sharon completed her first level of CGA studies - bookkeeping has dominated her career path ever since. “What I like most about my work is helping clients re-build their systems when things haven’t been working. Once the clean-up is done, I turn my focus to ensuring that the proper checks and balances are in place.

While details are important, Sharon is also good at seeing the big picture– where clients want to be and what’s required to get them there. “Determination is one of my strengths. I’m very determined to get the job done to everyone’s satisfaction.”

The variety of files at Preferred Client Services is what gets Sharon excited. “I never know whether the files I get each day will be easy or hard, but that’s where the fun of the work comes in.”

A born and raised Edmontonian, Sharon likes camping in the summer. She also sews and does lots of crafts with her two grandchildren. Reading a good book, especially sci-fi or fantasy provides welcome relaxation in the midst of her busy life.