Team Bios

Sunny Ahadi

Sunny Ahadi

Professional Bookkeeper

During high school, Sunbul (Sunny) Ahadi was focused on a pharmacy career. But some parttime experience as a pharmacy assistant had her doubting her initial choice. “I had some great mentors along the way,” says Sunny, “one of whom explained the importance of the financial aspect of business. I was intrigued enough to pursue a B. Comm degree with a major in Accounting.” Sunny received her degree from MacEwan University in 2020.

What Sunny likes about numbers is that there’s no gray area. Despite the many ways to get there, the answer is either right or wrong. Her process for achieving daily success involves asking questions, reviewing what she’s done, and then summarizing her steps to ensure that her work is correct and delivers the quality she’s looking for.

Every day at PCS presents not only challenges but new things to learn. “I enjoy being surrounded by a team. There is always someone to ask if I don’t have the answers.”

Away from work, Sunny enjoys walking and watching TV. What she loves the most is cooking with her mom as she learns how to prepare their traditional dishes. Her favorite dish so far is her mom’s chicken soup. Come tax time, she hopes to volunteer again as a tax preparer for low-income seniors and newcomers.