Team Bios

Svitlana Deriabina

Svitlana Deriabina

Professional Bookkeeper

Growing up on a farm in Ukraine, Svitlana Deriabina’s dream as a youngster was to travel the world.  She and her daughter came to Canada in July 2022.

Fluent in four languages, she was inspired by grandparents who taught German. Svitlana earned two master’s degrees – one in translation and one in Economic Relations. “When I worked as a translator, I needed to know how international sales worked, so I studied economics.”

 Svitlana went on to teach both English and French at a secondary school in Ukraine for 13 years. A quick learner with an avid curiosity, she enrolled in Business Administration at Campbell College while working full time for the Marriott chain. Upon earning her diploma and completing her practicum with the City of Edmonton as a payroll clerk, Svitlana found Preferred Client Services.

“Because bookkeeping is new to me, I find it exciting and challenging. There are plenty of helping hands here. I’m grateful to be able to gain practical skills and knowledge.”

In her spare time, Svitlana enjoys English language films and spending time with her daughter. They have already traveled to Vancouver and are planning adventures to Jasper and Banff. To keep fit, she’s looking forward to getting a gym membership.