Team Bios

Tammy Murza

Tammy Murza

Professional Bookkeeper

From the time she took her first accounting class in Grade 13 in Ontario, Tammy Murza has been passionate about numbers. “Other than working retail during university, I’ve only had jobs that involve numbers,” says Tammy.

With a Bachelor of Arts – Business Administration Major from Kings University College and an Accounting & Strategic Measurement Diploma from MacEwan University in Edmonton, Tammy worked initially in a public accounting firm. She also worked in the auto industry as an assistant to the controller. Networking led her to apply at Preferred Client Services.

“My pastor gave me Barbara Steckly’s contact information – and here I am!”

Each day, Tammy thrives on knowing that there’s work to do. She takes her list of the six most important things that day and gets busy. “I really like to take a problem and run with it. If I make a mistake, I appreciate the feedback and am willing to learn from it.”

Tammy is grateful for the help she receives from the rest of the PCS team. “It’s an enjoyable environment, plus I get to work with numbers all day.”

Outside the office, Tammy delights in playing with her young nieces and nephew. She also gets together with friends for dinner at their favorite restaurants. To relax, she either reads or watches movies – particularly if Johnny Depp is one of the cast!