Team Bios

Tatiana Ostrovskaya

Tatiana Ostrovskaya

Professional Bookkeeper

Tatiana Ostrovskaya and her husband moved to Canada in the fall of 2020 to be closer to their daughter who had moved here 15 years ago. Born in Siberia, Tatiana was not concerned about her first Alberta winter. “Growing up, I was used to weather like Edmonton has.”

After earning a master’s degree in economics in Russia, Tatiana began work as an accountant for a small firm in 1990. Her significant ability to work with numbers and analyze business challenges led her up the corporate ladder and onward to larger companies. Her last position before her Canadian move was as Chief Financial Officer for a company with over 8000 employees. Her responsibilities included leading a team of 100 staff members.

With a professional belief in high standards, Tatiana confesses that she is a bit of a perfectionist. “I don’t like to make mistakes. I feel very responsible for the correct completion of my work.” As she adjusts to the nuances of Canadian bookkeeping and accounting practices, Tatiana never hesitates to ask a PCS team mate for help when necessary. “I enjoy it here at PCS – especially all the learning.”

Tatiana looks forward to winter weekends in Jasper to ski. She and her husband also love to travel to Europe and around North America. She likes to cook and to relax with a good book. She may even take up sewing again.