Team Bios

Tetyana Fesik

Tetyana Fesik

Professional Bookkeeper

Tetyana Fesik and her family moved to Canada from Israel in 2013. Originally from Ukraine, Tetyana earned a Bachelor of Engineering degree before enrolling in an accounting course. Times were tough, and jobs were scarce, but Tetyana persevered. Her first job was in Human Resources at a shipbuilding factory.

In Israel, Tetyana spent five years as a payroll clerk for a large chain of supermarkets. She speaks four languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Hebrew, and English.

Her thirst for knowledge has her currently enrolled in online courses. “The systems are so different in other countries. It’s important to learn how things work in Canada.” At PCS, Tetyana feels very supported. “Here I get lots of help. Everyone is friendly and very patient. I feel good coming to work every day.”

Success on the job results because Tetyana is very organized and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. She is always listening for new information and learning better ways of doing things.

Although she’s very busy at work and with her studies, she takes time at home for family. She likes to bake – cakes and breads are two of her specialties. To relax, Tetyana reads for pleasure and watches movies. She and her family also enjoy traveling.