Team Bios

Vincent Nacpil

Vincent Nacpil

Professional Bookkeeper

Combining his math skills with a curiosity about the way businesses operate, Vincent Nacpil earned his Bachelor of Commerce – Accounting degree from the University of Alberta in 2017. Vincent arrival in Canada with his family in 2012. They came from Dubai having lived briefly in both Singapore and the U.S. “Adjusting to the cold in Canada proved much easier than dealing with the heat of Dubai,” said Vincent.

With a passion for helping clients resolve challenges and refine processes, he views their information as pieces of a puzzle which need to be placed in the correct order. “My goal is always to solve the puzzle myself if I can. Whenever I get stuck, I turn to the team at PCS and the technology tools at my disposal.”

Vincent is enjoying the fast pace and the challenging work at PCS. Very tech-savvy with accounting software, he brings a fresh perspective and new mindset to his work. His honed ability to adapt to a variety of client needs and expectations comes from traveling to and living in very diverse cultures.

In his spare time, Vincent scouts out new dishes at local restaurants. “Even though I like to cook, I’d much rather sample the latest menu items created by others.” Playing basketball helps work off the calories from those great meals. In quiet moments, Vincent loves to read his favorite fiction – horror stories.