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Winky Moy

Winky Moy

Professional Bookkeeper

Winky Moy moved from Calgary to Edmonton to attend university. She graduated from the University of Alberta with a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and food science in 2020. Because the job opportunities in that field were not what she had envisioned for her future, she worked at a couple of stepping-stone jobs before returning to school.

Since she was looking for a way to enter the world of business and had always liked working with numbers, she decided to enroll at NAIT. She earned the title of Certified Bookkeeper in April of 2023.

Upon completion of the summer school program at PCS, Winky was offered a full-time position on the team. “I love the work here,” she said. "Plus, everyone is so helpful and friendly.”

Satisfaction of a job well done is Winky’s prime motivation, whether it’s balancing to the penny or pulling together a perfect payroll. She is not only willing to learn, but willing to learn from her mistakes. “I never give up.”

To relax at home, Winky likes to watch Netflix. To keep fit, she heads to the gym at least three times a week. Hiking is a favorite pastime in the summer. She’s looking forward to getting a bike so she can explore the local trails.