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Introducing “Corporate Fusion”

Preferred Client Services Group Ltd. is excited to be one of the founding members of Corporate Fusion, the second and latest chapter of Corporate Connections Northern Alberta.

Corporate Connections, a division of BNI is “a global community of like-minded business executives active in high-performance teams that employ advanced business referral, business marketing, and business networking strategies. All members aim at accelerated achievement of their and others’ goals.”

Charter status was granted on September 27, 2016 with 22 members holding seats.

Better yet, Barbara Steckly was elected as their Vice-President. As a leader and longtime business owner, Barbara is justifiably proud of her accomplishments and the growth of her business. She had a dream as a child. “I wanted to be known for making a difference.” Her approach fits right in with the Corporate Connections philosophy of “Givers Gain”. Designed for larger businesses with ambitious goals, Corporate Fusion will be officially launched on October 18.

Corporate Fusion Charter Members and First Leadership Team:

President - Steve Greene

Vice President - Barbara Steckly

Treasurer - Bert Mitchell

Membership Convenor - Dallas Ferro

Membership Committee - Darryl Vogt, Stefanie Howse

Guest Host Coordinator - Ian Vik

Guest Hosts - Don Wells, Ken Jacques, Roger Crossman

Referral Strategist - Hubert Lau

Mentor Coordinator - David Boroditsky

Chapter Mentors - Bill Barless, Colin Christensen, Mike Mack, Trevor Gent

Education Coordinator - Kingsley Leung

Marketing Coordinator - Walter Schwabe

Event Coordinator - Christine Naidu

Chapter Consultant - Open

Executive Director - Pat Stride

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