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Are Your Books Holding You Hostage?

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

Are Your Books Holding You Hostage?

In hostage situations, people call the police and the police call the SWAT Team. The SWAT Team gets the job done no matter how difficult, down, & dirty.

In the accounting world, when your books are holding you hostage, call Preferred Client Services. In our business S.W.A.T stands for Strength, Wisdom, Accountability and Trusted Teamwork. Get our PCS S.W.A.T. team on scene for smart, savvy business bookkeeping.

Strength in numbers and experience helps us quickly and accurately get the job done right the first time. When everything is already organized in advance, your payroll is no longer something to dread. Year-end preparation doesn’t have to feel like a jail sentence. Viewed from the right perspective, your financial books actually become your best ally. Consisting of your assets and liabilities as well as income or sales revenues and expenses, it provides an essential snapshot of your venture’s performance at any given time. This data forms the basis for everything from budget planning and cash flow management right on through to tax preparation and investor reporting.

Every year, every business has to file a tax return. Yes, tax time, that dreaded annual event which finds thousands of unprepared entrepreneurs rooting through their desk, their computers, purses, briefcases, and/or plastic grocery bags to find missing receipts and other relevant paperwork. Sound like a familiar 9-1-1 call for help?

It’s your S.W.A.T. team of bookkeeping experts to the rescue! The tax filing process can be made much more bearable, not to mention efficient when you just turn the whole shebang over to the bookkeeper. Imagine the joy of knowing all of your financial information is logically ordered in one central system. Conscientious financial record-keeping keeps you organized. You should be able to find specific information regarding your business at any given time, not just to provide to tax agencies and other interested outside parties like lenders or investors, but for your own peace of mind, a key attribute that’s vital to your success as an entrepreneur.

With all of the other factors involved in running a business, your bookkeeping is the last thing that should be keeping you up at night. When your books are under our comprehensive “S.W.A.T. Watch”, you can rest easy knowing that your company’s financial information is review ready. Those scary financial institutions and CRA letters will no longer cause you anxiety, so you’ll be able to focus on growing your business.

The job of Bookkeeping, is by definition, the organization of financial information. You should expect more than basic organization from your full-cycle bookkeeper. Preferred Client Services brings Wisdom, knowledge, and insight to all files allowing us to customize our approach for each client. We always use time-saving techniques to reduce your costs. We don’t just provide those inscrutable reports; we show you how to interpret them. What are your companies Key Performance Indicators? What steps can be taken to boost your business’s bottom line? 

Business analysis is an important tool to determine the effectiveness of your systems and processes right down to what products or services are working well and what should be eliminated. Thorough and frequent reviews of your financial statements can aid you in tracking your cash flow. Overall, the reports generated by your bookkeeper help you maximize your company’s strengths while identifying and improving its weaknesses.

Tactical and strategic planning is the core of what you do as an entrepreneur, always thinking of ways to grow and develop your business. Using the information provided by your bookkeeper as the valuable tool that it is, you can track how well your plan is working, determine how much closer you are to your short and long-term goals, and adjust your strategy accordingly.

You cannot make profitable decisions without the supporting financial information that bookkeeping provides. Accountability, in our books, means following the file to completion, whether it’s a monthly reconciliation, payroll, or a year-end preparation. Our brand of full-service bookkeeping means you’ll now have the tools, as well as the insights to more effectively run your business. Thanks to our efficient turnaround time the information is ready when decisions are needed.

The regular recording of revenues, expenses, liabilities, and receivables allows you to control your cash flow. Clearly, you want your own invoices paid as soon as possible., Knowing what your cash flow will be is critical in maintaining relationships with vendors. You want to pay on time, not before time.

No matter the size or scope of your business, we, at Preferred Client Services, believe in Trusted Teamwork, our team and yours, working together to provide accurate, efficient, and confidential bookkeeping services tailored to meet your needs. With the indispensable financial data that you’ll accumulate over time, we’ll help you monitor specific trends, compare results across periods, and gain a greater understanding of your business cycles.

When income and expenses are properly organized, financial resources and expenditures become apparent, making it easier to create your budget, the financial roadmap for your business. We provide the bookkeeping services you request or mentor you fully and keep you fiscally aware every step of the way.

That’s what you get along with so much more when you call our Preferred Client Services S.W.A.T. team! Imagine fully enjoying the freedom to fulfill your true potential in your area of expertise, while we excel for you in ours. You’re either S.W.A.T. or you’re not.

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