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Tip Of The Day #84 - The Magic is in The Moment

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

The Magic is in The Moment

In the wise words of Mother Teresa,

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”

Living for today, appreciating every moment is not a state of mind attained through dwelling on past mistakes, or even resting on your laurels and glorying in past achievements.

You had a great day, met a target, crossed something off your major goal list, so celebrate!!!!!! Yes, show gratitude, revel in your joy, and then move on, because there’s so much more wonderful out there to be accomplished.

It’s all about what are you doing NOW to make your business, your life, and your world a better place TODAY.

If you feel you need to waste good energy throwing an “I’m such a failure” pity party because it has been soooo tough…. or the last idea you had just spattered all over the pavement and you have to unload, okay, go for it.

Some days, you just have to have a good cry. But don’t devote too much time to imbuing your precious “now” energy with negative emotion, because in this world, where the Law of Attraction dictates that “like attracts “like”, one little pity party can turn into an entire festival of misery, reduced self-esteem, and self-sabotage.

Better to simply review what went wrong once, determine how to avoid the negative outcome in the future, and move on… with the strength and knowledge that you certainly will not make that mistake again.

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