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Tip Of The Day #62 - Stop EMAIL Seniority Over YOUR Priorities

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

Stop Email Seniority

Stop EMAIL Seniority Over YOUR Priorities

Is EMAIL edging out productive time management in your office?

Then it’s TIME to put a stop to staff spending valuable minutes… that add up to wasted HOURS… answering every email that pings their way, completely disrupting their concentration.

I have already suggested that you establish a designated email checking schedule that makes sense in terms of your operational requirements.

For example, 15 – 20 minutes of email administration time when staff arrive at work and then a “no email zone” until 15 -20 minutes before lunch.

Go one step further and have them turn off the computer volume during those email free times so they won’t even be aware emails are coming in, thereby enabling them to maintain better focus on the work at hand.

Another idea… postdate YOUR emails OUT to clients to send during your morning email administration time.

For instance, any emails sent out after 3:30 pm, instead of interrupting the recipient’s evening leisure hours, could be post-dated instead so they’ll arrive first thing the next day during your designated email admin time when you are actually there to readily respond should they email back.

Bottom line, don’t let email take seniority over YOUR priorities. 

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