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Tip Of The Day #52 - Hire The A-List - Fire The Rest Of The Alphabet

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

Hire The A-List - Fire The Rest Of The Alphabet

We’ve all had experience with the customers from hell. 

They come in different varieties, such as the one who shows up Friday afternoon demanding that a so called “urgent” order must be rushed out by the end of the day. 

Their procrastination suddenly becomes your panic… as workers scramble around to comply, perhaps even into overtime, not only causing tension and bitterness between sales and production but often costing your company more than their order was worth in the first place.

Or what about the one who seems to somehow “lose” all your invoices and then, to add insult to injury, after insisting that your accounts receivable staff resend the paperwork, they take til the second coming to pay!!!…and only after 27 more reminder calls…senselessly wasting even more time and resources, while they continually constrain your flow of cash.

It’s time to “fire” those high maintenance clients who actually consume more of your financial resources than their business brings in. 

Yes, get rid of them so you can concentrate on your A-list, those respectful, easily pleased, rational clients that not only make your business profitable but are a real joy to serve. 

Heavenly…. in fact.

Preferred Client Services, professional bookkeepers in Edmonton, AB working as business partners to make a positive difference to your bottom line! 

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